Wind and Hydrogen Power(PRO)

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in this course, you study more in-depth and learn about practical materials. If you haven't passed our fundamentals course, we suggest you do that first, where you study the basics and receive the information you need to better understand the pro concepts and get the best outcome from this course.
Course overview
In this course, you will learn about the process of producing electricity using wind energy (onshore, offshore) and combination of wind energy and hydrogen
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Certification included
You will receive a certificate upon successfully completing the course and exams(if applicable)

Main Topics 

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Trends for wind energy development
Hydrogen production & Wind energy integration
Hydrogen as an energy source, implementation of hydrogen technology
Examples of development projects in the wind & hydrogen field
Applications of Hydrogen

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the whole chain of wind energy development
  • Understanding of Hydrogen Storage Methods
  • Knowledge of practical implementation of wind & hydrogen projects
  • Knowledge of hydrogen production methods
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