District Cooling Design & Engineering (PRO)

in this course, you study more in-depth and learn about practical materials. If you haven't passed our fundamentals course, we suggest you do that first, where you study the basics and receive the information you need to better understand the pro concepts and get the best outcome from this course.

Course overview
This course is meant for engineers, designers and utility owners who are dealing with pre-insulated district cooling and heating networks. After passing the course participants will get all needed basic knowledge regarding pipeline design and engineering.
Certification included
You will receive a certificate upon successfully completing the course and exams(if applicable)


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MSc, Aleksandr has more than 15-years experience in district cooling, heating and gas design engineering. Under his leadership there were designed more than 500 km of pipelines at different part of the world - Scandinavia, Baltics, Germany and Latin America. 

Aleksandr Ledvanov

Main Topics 

Twin pipe systems and differences in design comparing with single pipe
District cooling and heating simple pipe sizing (Logstor calculator,
hand calculations)
District cooling and heating leakage system
Changes in direction
District cooling Business Opportunity


  • Ability to perform calculations for pipeline sizing
  • Knowledge of the whole chain of district cooling and heating pipeline
    project (layout, profile, welding scheme, leakage system, expansion pads,
  • Knowledge of different tools which could be used for district cooling and
    heating engineering
  • Understanding the basics of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for DCS
  • Learning the important factors for building owners to understand when considering DCS to serve their buildings
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